Moritz Widrig


Was Born in St. Gallen (CH) in 1994. In 2013 he was accepted to study composing for Film, Theater and Media (KFTM) at Zurich University of the Arts . He studied composition under Till Löffler and Mathias Steinauer and conducting under André Bellmont and Iwan Wassilewski. Widrig graduated in 2016 and started his Masters degree in the same year, being mentored by Mathias Steinauer and Niki Reiser. In 2017/2018 he took a hiatus from his studies to focus on several film- and theater projects and on his work as drummer and musician for Panda Lux who released their new EP “Zoo” in february 2018 and were nominated for a “Swiss Music Award” in the same year. He was nominated for the “Deutscher Kompositionsförderpreis” at Dok.Fest Munich in April 2018 for his concept for “Merci de Votre Visite” by Julia Furer and also scored his first feature film “Tranquillo” which premiered at the Solothurn film festival that year.

While finishing his masters degree at ZHdK under Mathias Steinauer and Peter Schrerer he is currently working as musician and composer for the Theater of Bremen and is scoring Julia Furers first feature documentary “Merci de Votre Visite”. He is also working as live musician for Panda Lux, Steiner & Madlaina and Cybercity Space Septett.